Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ava's first ear infection

My precious little girl has been a picture of health for almost her entire 16 months of life. We have been very blessed by this and thank God everyday for her great health.

Few days ago, she developed a junkie cough and a really attractive runny nose. (I can add the title of "Nose Wipper" to my list of duties I guess). I took her to the doctor yesterday and found out that she has a nasty double ear infection. The doctor's exact words were "she is falling apart on you before your eyes!" Uh...OK! I didn't know that ear infections were considered "falling apart." So she is on antibiotics for that and lucky for us, she loves her medicine!!!

For the most part, she is handling being sick pretty well. She was somewhat grumpy last night and was testing Dale and I every chance she got. First she tipped over the fan in our room and then turned the computer off while I was picking the fan back up. Needless to say I lost the work I was doing on the computer.

Hopefully she gets better soon. I hate having sick kids....feel so helpless.

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Well here goes nothing!!"

So since I follow everything that my wonderful friend Sara does, I decided to give this blogging trend a try! It is free and with this economy these days, I can actually afford it!!

The Lyndon's consist of Dale (the loving, kind, generous husband), Kelli (me), Clayton (aka The Duke, Bubbs) and the newest addition, Ava (a.k.a. Little Crazy, Honey, Little Bit, Diva, Little Nut, AAA (that's B-Pa's name for her...All Attitude Ava), Piggy). From the outside we appear to be like any other family. But this blog will expose you to what goes on inside the Lyndon Nut House.