Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flamingo Christmas

Each year I try to come up with a theme for our Christmas tree and for our general house decorations. A couple years ago we had a Disney themed tree. Our tree was filled with Mickey-shaped ornaments and other Disney character ornaments. Our tree skirt was from the Disney store and our stockings had Mickey and Minnie on them (Goofy for Clayton).

Anyway, this year I have been drawn to the color pink. I want a pink holiday outfit for Ava...pink lights on the tree..pink everything. I wasn't sure how to incorporate pink into our holidays without having a major theme to use. Then....a lightbulb went off in my head. FLAMINGOS!!!! We've all seen the silly flamingo ornaments dressed up in Santa outfits or sitting by the beach with palm trees. This would be the perfect way to bring PINK into Christmas!

So I now have a flamingo Merry Christmas sign on my front door...a Season's Greetings flamingo door mat outside...flamingo stockings (except for Ava...she had to have an Elmo stocking)...flamingo hand towels for the bathrooms....flamingo towels in the kitchen...and even flamingo tree ornaments. I'm now on the hunt for pink lights to put on our tree.

You might wonder what Dale's opinion is on this "bird Christmas??" He just said "I have no opinion." Good answer honey!!!!!!

I will post pictures as soon as our tree is up. I need Dale to get it out of storage for me and he has been sick the past couple of days.


Sara said...

I can't WAIT to see this PINK Flamingo themed tree!!

Ari from ParentalInstincts.com said...

Dale sounds like a very sensible guy ... I've used the answer "I have no opinion" myself more than once.

Also, I wanted to stop by and thank you for running the ad for my blog Parental Instincts today.

It looks great, and I'm pleased to be featured on such a great looking site.

Have a good day!

Rachel said...

How fun!!! you need to post pics!

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